The Governors of the Wimbledon Primary Federation work in partnership with Merton Council and the school communities to provide the best possible education for the children at both schools.

The governing body is composed from the communities across both schools. New governors are appointed based on the added value of the skills and experience that they bring to the governing body. Parents, former parents, community volunteers, staff and local business people are represented on the governing body. The governing body meets formally seven times every year, but governors regularly visit the school

The Governing Body has four focus areas with delegated terms of reference to carry out different aspects of governance work:


Standards Commitee
Standards, Teaching and Learning Focus

Remit: To take a strategic role in ensuring that each Federation school provides high quality teaching and learning which leads to the highest possible levels of attainment and progress for all pupils.

Community Committee
Pupils and Community Focus

Remit: To take a strategic role in ensuring that each Federation school provides a safe and supportive environment for all staff and learners, ensuring arrangements for safeguarding are effective, that the schools that the schools promote equal opportunity for all groups and tackle discrimination, that procedures are in place to support good attendance and excellent behaviour for learning, and to ensure the schools communicate and engage effectively with parents.

HR Committee
HR Focus

Remit: To support the recruitment and retention of a high quality workforce at each Federation school, taking a strategic role in all staff issues to ensure that the schools have effective workforces, to enable the schools to recognise and reward staff appropriately for their contribution and helping to ensure that decisions on pay are managed in a fair, just and transparent way.

Business Committee
School Business Focus

Remit: To take a strategic role in the financial management of each Federation school and to ensure that the buildings and premises of the schools provide safe and high quality learning environments, making sure that the schools maintain compliance with the DfE’s ‘School’s Financial Value Standard’ (SFVS), Merton Council’s ‘Scheme for Financing Schools’ and the Merton Internal Publication ‘On The Right Track’